Invoice Platform Tech-Easy to use

InvoicePlatform is a tech driven platform that handle your invoicing easily with your existing infrastructure.



Track Balances

Handle all your clients and providers balances. You can have all the general and most used reports and as-well custom for your special needs.


Optimize Work

In just few clicks, your invoices are created, published and sent directly to your clients. Let our system work for you and concentrate on your business workflow.


Monitor & Alerts

Our platform monitors all your pending invoices and you will get updated, immediately, on any change made to invoice, and as-well for late payouts!

  • Who are we?

    We are technology driven team with 16 years experience on FinTech and with 10 years building finance services for businesses all over the world.

  • Our Vision

    We know that invoicing can be hard, so we built a platform that makes payment process flow easy and simple for anyone!

  • Easy Integration

    InvoicePlatform integrates easily with codes (PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and more) and infrastructures (Windows, Linux and more)

What They Think About Us

We have clients from all-around the world and we love hearing from them ;)
Below included some comments from our beloved clients